3 years, 3 cities and one long-distance engagement later, my husband and I were married on a warm, September evening in the exact spot my parents were married 29 years prior. It was a joyful, calm and long-awaited day sealed with tears and giddy, kid-like laughter as we said the vows we'd written so many months prior. I love weddings...but I love marriage infinitely more. I consider it an honor to celebrate and document so many new beginnings. 

Specializing in Fine Art portrait photography, I document weddings around the globe in a timeless, intimate and joyful way. From customizing your wedding day, perfecting your timeline and connecting you with vendors who can bring your dreams to life - my goal is that you not only feel like yourself, but also that you feel calm, taken care of and reminded that your wedding day is the first of many, many best days ahead of you.



Photo by Ampersand Family

Photo by Ampersand Family

Photo by Mary Fields Photography

Photo by Mary Fields Photography

A little more about me:

  • I follow Jesus.

  • I’m very task-oriented but also very relational (I call this “outgoing-introvert” syndrome)

  • I love to run, read, mountain bike and drink wine…but not all at the same time.

  • I think my husband’s beard is insanely cute. I’m a proud supporter of men with facial hair.

  • I believe Austin, TX is the best city to call home. But I’ll gladly travel the globe and let you convince me otherwise!